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Brake Service

Premier Clearance Center Westbank- Brake Service

At Premier Clearance Center Westbank, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs throughout their vehicle ownership experience. And that is why we are partnering with the Toyota of New Orleans team to offer our customers high-quality brake service at a very affordable price.

When you touch the brake pedal, you expect to feel your vehicle respond by slowing and coming to a smooth stop. But if that pedal sinks to the floorboard or you hear a loud screeching sound, you know that there is a problem. And it could result in a severe accident and injury to yourself and your passengers. But all of those worrisome thoughts can be avoided with regular inspections and brake service.

Why Put Your Safety in The Hands of Premier Clearance Center Westbank?

Because your trust and safety are our primary concerns, we rely on the factory-trained professionals at Toyota of New Orleans for their expertise and dedication to high-quality workmanship. These pros use the latest technology in a state-of-the-art service center to detect even the smallest issue when inspecting the brake system on any vehicle. This added attention to detail is essential in finding small problems early before turning into more expensive and even life-threatening hazards.

And as a full-service shop, the team has access to all the OEM parts needed to repair are replace the brakes on any make and model of vehicle that comes into our bay. We know that nothing works better and offers you more reliability and safety than the specifically designed parts for use on your car, truck, or van.

What Is Included in Brake Service?

The brake systems on modern vehicles are very complex and intricate. And unless every facet of the system is operating correctly, your safety is at risk. Our team completes a comprehensive examination of the entire brake system, including:

  • The level and consistency of the wear pattern on brake pads and shoes
  • The condition of the brake lines, master cylinder, and wheel cylinders
  • Verification of no leaks or evidence of leaks in the lines or cylinders
  • Condition of the rotors
  • Caliper function and wear level
  • The function of the anti-lock brake sensors
  • Brake fluid level and the condition of the fluid

We also welcome our customers to include other services or inspections while their vehicle is in for brake service. We are happy to inspect tire wear and condition, oil level and condition, and the condition of belts and hoses, just to name a few other essential services.

When you need brake service on your vehicle, it can be tough to know whom you can trust. But because of the relationship you have with the professionals at Premier Clearance Center Westbank, you know that you can trust our partners and us. Our relationship of trust and respect will continue long after your vehicle purchase. Please call us at 504-273-6656 when you have any concerns about your vehicle brake service or any other car care needs.

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