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At Premier Clearance Center Westbank, we appreciate your business. And want to offer you everything you need to make the most of your investment in a quality pre-owned vehicle. One of the most essential services for any car is regular oil changes. And to ensure that you have access to the highest quality service and great pricing, we provide reliable oil change service through our trusted partners and at Toyota of New Orleans.

The Purpose of Engine Oil

The primary function of the oil in your vehicle's engine is lubrication. All of the moving parts inside an engine are metal. And the oil coating those essential components helps to minimize friction and reduce the wear on your engine. In addition, there are detergents and dispersants in the oil. The detergent helps prevent contaminants from accumulating on the engine parts and decreasing your motor's efficiency. The dispersants act as a solvent to remove impurities and reduce the build-up of sludge that can damage your motor.

Important Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Better Gas Mileage: You want to know that you are getting the most out of your investment in fuel for your vehicle. And one of the best ways to maximize your gas mileage is with regular oil changes. The clean oil provides optimal lubrication and minimizes the wear inside the motor, which means your gas mileage will remain consistent and in line with the EPA estimate for your vehicle.

Reduced Engine Wear: As with anything, the more it is used, the closer it gets to wearing out. And with the cost of an engine, you do not want that to happen. Fresh engine oil provides the best safety coating to all of the components of your vehicle's engine. And that coating is the best way to avoid a premature engine failure. Eventually, all engines do wear out. But you can get the most extended life possible from your vehicle's engine by regularly changing the oil.

Increased Reliability: No one has a crystal ball to know when their car engine will reach the end of its life. But you can be pretty sure that if you are not changing the engine oil regularly, that breakdown is going to come sooner rather than later. To increase the reliability of your vehicle, have the oil changed regularly. This one process will significantly reduce the potential for sludge build-up and the destruction of the many components in your engine. Each time you start your vehicle, you will know that it will get you where you need to go because you have provided the maintenance it needs to continue running smoothly.

Your owner's manual will provide you with the appropriate mileage for all types of regularly scheduled maintenance, including oil changes. The general guideline is every 5,000 miles or six months if you do not have an owner's manual. Or you can call the pros at Premier Clearance Center Westbank at 504-273-6656 for more information and to schedule your oil change appointment.

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